Messages That Inspire

We craft messages that connect to the heart of people and leave a lasting impact. No one likes to feel as though they are being sold to, a properly crafted video should inspire and connect to your viewer. We approach film making differently by first researching and understanding your brand. We then create a stylized video that clearly communicates your core message and connects to the heart of your audience.

Crafted Messages

— Inspiring the heart to move the mind —

About Integra Films

Our Purpose

Our purpose goes far beyond creating amazing videos (which we are really good at). We create a compelling message that allows your viewer to feel an authentic connection to who you are. A carefully crafted message with purpose, style, and emotion will inspire your audience to take action.  

Our Process

It takes more than just an idea and video cameras to create a message that resonates with your audience.  Before we ever set up a tripod we feel it is vitally important that we understand your goals, brand, and image.  We meet with you craft a film with purpose and clear direction that will move your audience and connect to their hearts.

Our Services

Our services include a wide range of video production styles.

  • Commercials
  • Web Videos
  • Small business videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Non-Profit vidoes

Our Philosphy

Studies have shown that people remember a message when it is connected to an emotion.  More than just creating stylized shots that look good, an effective video stirs up a feeling in your viewer to take tangible action.  We believe every step from pre-production to post-production must be carefully crafted and thought out to create an effective message.  

Imagination, Creativity, and Heart

— Creating —


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