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Messages That Inspire

We craft messages that connect to the heart of people and leave a lasting impact. No one likes to feel as though they are being sold to, a properly crafted video should inspire and connect to your viewer. We approach film making differently by first researching and understanding your brand. We then create a stylized video that clearly communicates your core message and connects to the heart of your audience.


The Most Effective Form Of Communication

Creating a bridge that connects the viewer to your message, and urges them to take action. Inspiring the heart to move the mind!




About Integra Films

A well told story doesn’t just tell a tale. It touches hearts. Melts minds. Changes lives.
At Integra Films, our passion is your story. More than just creating videos, we connect hearts and minds through innovative and stylized storytelling. We breathe life into your message and inspire action in your audience.

Our Purpose

Our purpose goes far beyond creating amazing videos (which we are really good at). We create a compelling message that allows your viewer to feel an authentic connection to who you are. A carefully crafted message with purpose, style, and emotion will inspire your audience to take action.  

Our Process

It takes more than just an idea and video cameras to create a message that resonates with your audience.  Before we ever set up a tripod we feel it is vitally important that we understand your goals, brand, and image.  We meet with you craft a film with purpose and clear direction that will move your audience and connect to their hearts.

Our Services

Our services include a wide range of video production styles.

  • Commercials
  • Web Videos
  • Small business videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Non-Profit vidoes

Our Philosphy

Studies have shown that people remember a message when it is connected to an emotion.  More than just creating stylized shots that look good, an effective video stirs up a feeling in your viewer to take tangible action.  We believe every step from pre-production to post-production must be carefully crafted and thought out to create an effective message.  


Modern, Stylized, Innovative 



We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Every production is as different and unique as people we work with.  Which means pricing can also vary greatly, its kind of like asking “how much is a car?”.  There are a lot of variables that go into determining the price.  Luckily we have a quick and simple form you can fill out via email which covers all the bases in giving an estimate.

Here are a few things that help determine price.

Pre-Production- A well made video requires more than just fancy equipment, we need a clear plan!   Showing up with a video camera and a vague idea just wont cut it in creating an effective message.  In pre-production we meet with you to discuss your goals, direction, and vision.  From there we work out important aspects of the video such as plot, places, and purpose.  After that we hash out the fine details such as story boards, shot lists, shoot schedule, talent scouting, location scouting, and the necessary equipment.

Production-  This is where all the well thought out planning comes to life!  Our locations are chosen, the talent is ready, the director and camera operators are in place.  We are now ready to tell your story!

Post-Production-  This is really where the story comes together.  Our editor reviews the plan we produced in pre-production and watches through all the footage captured in production.   The footage is then brought together in perfectly timed cuts, carefully selected music and sounds, and stylized color grades to set the mood.   The video is then exported into the needed media format for delivery.


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