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Video has the unique ability to inspire your viewer to step out and take action. Whether you want to increase sales, awareness, or traffic; a well crafted video can help you achieve your goals. But if we’re honest a video alone isn’t enough get results. The message within in the video and the way it looks is what will leave an impression on your viewer. We craft films with an emotional connection and stylized look to inspire your audience to take action. We are proud to offer a variety of Edmonton video production services and also across Alberta.


Edmonton video Production + Alberta Video Production


Understanding Your Brand

It takes so much more than just showing up with a fancy camera and hoping we create something “good”. Crafting an effective message that appeals to your audience happens well before a camera is ever set up. Through our unique pre-production process we gain an understanding of your brand, we meet with you to discuss your vision, goals, and who your brand is. We ask the right questions to reveal the “why” behind what you do. From there we begin crafting a message that represents your brand and aligns with your goals. This has been key when we produce Edmonton corporate video productions & Edmonton marketing videos

Creative Brief + Planning

Every great film has a clear direction and purpose behind each shot, edit, and image on screen. Your film is no different. After we have met with you to understand your core message and the “why” behind your brand, we then create story boards, shot lists, and a solid plan to bring everything together. This includes securing locations for filming, script writing, lining up talent, and planning all the needed equipment to tell your story. Our vast experience of providing Edmonton video production services means we are connected with many people in the community


Once we have a clear understanding of your brand and have developed a production plan, we are now ready to bring all the needed cameras, crew, lighting, and specialized equipment together to bring your story to life. This includes gathering all the needed shots at different locations and needed voice over and interviews. From there we jump into post-production doing all the cuts, edits, and transitions. We will also choose appropriate music, sound bed, and do color grading to create the desired emotion for your film. Although we offer Edmonton video production services, as this is our home base, we are more than happy to travel the province and offer Alberta video production + Alberta corporate video production services.

Small Business Video

We love the entrepreneurial spirit that small businesses have and the rich story behind how it all go started. We have made some great friends when offering Edmonton video production services to small business owners in the area. Weather you are wanting a marketing video to increase awareness through online social media or just to have a great intro video for your website, we are here to help.

Corporate Video

Corporate video production is not what it used to be, in fact when we hear the word corporate video we sometimes think of the old 90’s style videos with the elevator music. Well we have good news for you, the Alberta corporate video production market has changed a lot over the past decade! We are proud to offer fresh stylized films that are relevant to your audience and communicate a message that actually resonates with them. The Edmonton corporate video production market is thriving with a variety of new business expanding rapidly in the downtown core.

Non-Profit Videos + Personal Videos

Non-profit videos are how we got our start in the Edmonton videography market! We absolutely love to tell the stories of people stepping out and making a difference in the their community. We know that video is a huge way to help increase awareness and giving when looking for people to partner with you in your endeavor. Developing a strong message is key to seeing results for your Alberta marketing video or Edmonton marketing video in the non-profit organization world.



As people we are emotional beings who respond to messages and videos that we connect with. It takes more than just pretty imagery and stating “what” you do to inspire your audience. Our films communicate the “why” behind your brand and connects to your viewer in a memorable and authentic way.



We are passionate about crafting messages that provoke an emotional response in your viewer and inspire them to take action. Integra films was founded on the belief that video production is so much more than just capturing amazing shots and doing cool edits. Something was missing in the messaging that just wasn’t connecting with people. We discovered that when people are only presented with facts and figures about “what” you do they lack any response. They desire to feel a connection to who you are and want to know WHY you do what you do and not just what you have to offer.

Through our unique pre-production process we have discovered how to dig deep into your brand and ask the right questions to understand your “why”. From there we develop a message that not only clearly communicates your values but also connects with your viewer.

We are based in Edmonton and provide Edmonton video production services but are also more than willing to travel Alberta and offer commercial video services where ever we are needed. We have been doing Edmonton videography for the past 7 years and are excited for what the future will hold.



We can't wait to discuss your film with you.