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Edmonton Christmas Tree Story: Edmonton Video Production

The Edmonton Christmas tree in Churchill square is iconic to the city at Christmas time. Hundreds of people gather around the tree each year to celebrate the holiday season together.

But few of us actually consider where the tree comes from and how much planning and hard work is put into finding and felling the tree each year. In our years doing Edmonton video production we have not had such a unique opportunity to capture the story of the people who are involved in providing this gift to the city. It took planning on our part to bring cameras and gimbals into the forest at Whitecourt to capture this unique process.

When the forestry company, Millar Western who generously donates the tree each year contacted us to produce a video of how exactly the tree is gathered from the forest. The Forestry company just wanted us to document the process, but we felt the video would be far more effective if a story were told through out.

Max Matthews, was the perfect person to carry the story as he has been involved forestry for 60 years and part of the Edmonton Christmas tree for 18 years. For this video production we had Max share how the process is done from locating the tree, to felling it, and then transporting it to downtown Edmonton in the dead of night.

From there we decided it was best to capture the atmosphere and anticipation of the lighting of the tree by showing the people and excitement of those who were present. This Edmonton video story came together wonderfully and we are thankful to have been a part of it.

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