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We love crafting stories that create an authentic connection with the heart.  When we first started out creating wedding films we quickly grew tired of the typical wedding videos which were just music and pretty shots with no depth.  Our films are created with genuine emotion and real connection that let you experience each moment all over again.  We have developed a style that carefully weaves different moments and dialogue together to create a story that connects with the heart.  We understand that a wedding is about people and not about an event, which means we genuinely want to know you as a couple.   In doing so, we ensure we create a film that is totally unique to who you are.


Although we are Edmonton based wedding videograpehrs, we have had the opportunity to share the stories of over 100 couples across Alberta and the world.

Our Style- Stories With Heart

Weddings are about people not just an event, we craft each of our films to have a genuine connection with the heart. By carefully mixing different moments, music, & dialogue, we craft a story that evokes the same emotion as on your wedding day.

More Than Just Another Couple

We honestly want to get to know you! We insist that we grab a coffee and learn who you are as a couple so we can tailor your film to your style. We ask questions that let us learn your quirks, your style, and your favorite color. Not only to we hope to gain a firm understanding of the both of you, but we also hope to gain new friends.

About Us

We have had the pleasure of offering wedding videography in Edmonton, Calgary, The Rockies, Alberta, and even Hawaii to over 100 amazing couples. We are a team who have a genuine passion for creating amazing stories through the power of video. Although we are based out of Edmonton we are happy to offer Banff wedding videography and Calgary wedding videography to our couples.

Our Process

Your wedding video is not something we take lightly! We ensure that each step from filming to editing is crafted with thought and care. We ensure your film is crafted in such a way that you experience same genuine emotions on your 1st anniversary and your 40th.

Each wedding film is a process that we do not take lightly and each one deserves the proper time and dedication to make it truly great.  Because of this we limit the number of weddings we take on each year.

In order to give you our excellent quality we need to cover your entire day.   All of our packages include full day coverage, minimum 2 videographers, and all of our equipment including cameras, mics, and cinematic tools.  We just don’t feel right about sacrificing the quality of your film because of options only found in certain packages.

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Full Day Coverage

All of our packages cover your entire day from morning prep to dancing at your reception. We feel it is crucial to capture the whole experience and not just a select few moments. From laughter during morning prep, to intimate vows at the alter, and dancing the funky chicken on the dance floor, we capture it all.

You're more than just another couple

Before we pick up a camera we personally meet with you to understand what is important to you and learn your style. Your wedding film is more than just re-watching events. We carefully craft your wedding into a stylized film full of authentic memories and genuine emotion.

The Goods

Although telling a great story is #1, we also have top of the line equipment to ensure it looks great! From wireless lapel mics for crystal clear sound to specialized gimbals for smooth epic shots. We have your day covered!

Experienced Team

Your wedding film is in good hands. More than just operating a camera, we understand how to tell a cinematic story that breathes life into your film.


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