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Your wedding film is one of the few things that will remain after the day is done, because of this we believe it should be carefully crafted and not just recorded. We focus on moments, interactions, and emotion between those you love. We then carefully craft all of these moments together with beautiful imagery and music to create a cinematic story that allows you to experience each feeling all over again. We have produced over 100 wedding films as a Edmonton wedding videographer, Banff wedding videographer, Jasper wedding videographer, and more.




Our Process

Our process of crafting your wedding film begins well before the wedding with getting to know you and understanding your style. It may sound obvious, but in order to create a film that is customized to who you are we need to get to know you first. It’s about more than just showing up with cameras on your wedding day and hoping we create something good, it takes planning and intention to create a great film. For us as Edmonton wedding videographers, we understand the importance creating a powerful story.

You're More Than Just Another Couple

We strive to make your wedding film completely yours, injecting your personality into every frame. We only take on a limited number of weddings each year so that we can devote the proper time and attention needed to craft your film. We don’t follow a cookie cutter template for our films, instead we strive to craft each wedding video as a unique reflection of the couples we serve. We take time to ask you questions and learn your story, your style, quirks, favorite color, and anything else that will give us insight into who you both are. Not only do we hope to gain a firm understanding of who you are, but we also hope to gain new friends.

What it's all about

Have you ever looked at an old family photo album with excitement to capture a glimpse of your loved ones as they once were? Not just to see what they looked like but also gain a feeling for their style and personality? But to only be disappointed when you open the album and discover photos of scenery from a family vacation and no actual people? This is how we feel about wedding films that focus more on pretty shots of dresses and cakes and less on the interactions between people. In 20 years when you watch your film we hope for you to experience the way you looked at one another, relive the words you spoke, and laugh at how your danced at the reception. In our experience doing Edmonton Wedding videography, we understand how important it is to capture the fine details as well as human emotion.

Edmonton Wedding Videographer

As this is where we are proud to call home, Edmonton wedding videography is huge part of us and we are huge part of city. From the elegance of the Hotel MacDonald to the beauty of nature at outdoor ceremonies in the surrounding area, we love the diversity the city has to offer. No matter the location, we know we can produce a cinematic wedding video that shares the genuine love and story of you as a couple.

Banff Wedding Videographer + Jasper Wedding Videographer

Nothing compares to the beauty of rocky mountain wedding videography! We love the opportunity for a short drive to the Banff, Jasper, Golden, Canmore, or Kananaskis to film the story of your wedding. It seems that every where you turn there is a beautiful backdrop screaming to be part of your film. Although the scenery is nice for producing cinematic wedding videography, we still feel the emotion and story between the two of you is most important!

Destination Wedding Videographer

We have gained quite a lot of experience with destination wedding videography over our years of telling the stories of couples wherever we go. Some of our most memorable locations have been Maui, Jamaica, & Mexico. We are experienced in traveling with gear, panning out the shoots in the best locations at the right time of day. When we as Edmonton wedding videographers get the chance to travel the world, we jump at it right away!



We are proud to have had the opportunity to tell the story of over 100 couples in Edmonton, across Alberta, and more!
We love crafting stories with an authentic connection to the heart. Integra Films was founded on the belief that wedding films are so much more than just re-watching the events of the day with pretty shots and music. A properly crafted film focuses on the interaction, emotion, and genuine moments between people. Each camera angle, piece of dialogue, and music is intentionally weaved together to create a powerful story that moves the heart. Our hope is that on your 20th wedding anniversary you do more than just re-watch an event, but relive the experience.

Although we are Edmonton wedding videographers, we are more than pleased to tell the stories of couples anywhere in the world including Calgary wedding videography, Banff wedding videography & Jasper wedding videography.



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Each wedding film is a process that we do not take lightly and each one deserves the proper time and dedication to make it truly great. Because of this we limit the number of weddings we take on each year. In order to give you our excellent quality we need to cover your entire day. All of our packages include full day coverage, minimum 2 videographers, and all of our equipment including cameras, mics, and cinematic tools. We just don’t feel right about sacrificing the quality of your film because of options only found in certain packages.

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